Kirarina is a popular brand of fashionable pens developed by the company of artists' materials.
Kirarina supports all you creative people!

There are various types of ink used for Kirarina - Cool glitter ink stands out against the dark background, a ink with lovely scent of flowers, or a ink can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

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Kirarina 2win Oil-Based is a double-ended pen which comes in total 35 colors. The ink is oil-based and it sticks to almost any surface. These vibrant colors (including fluorescent colors) helps you to customize your handmade project.

Color Listing: Kirarina 2win Oil-Based/18 colors (totaling 35 colors)

Kirarina 2win Oil-Based comes in 18 colors (totaling 35 colors). Each color offers light and dark shade (except Black). Features both wide nib and a fine nib.

Kirarina 2win Oil-Based

Ideal for drawing illustration on photo or plastic sheet. Includes: Ruby Red/Raspberry/Marine Blue/Emerald/Black
  • - Ruby Red
  • - Raspberry
  • - Marine Blue
  • - Emerald
  • - Black


Kirarina 2win Oil-based

Combination of bright colors. Includes: Marigold/Rose Pink/Grape/Aqua/Muscat
  • - Marigold
  • - Rose Pink
  • - Grape
  • - Aqua
  • - Muscat


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